Medical Administrative Assistant: Start a Career in the Medical Field

When it comes to the medical field, people often times forget about billing. The times of one secretary running a doctor's office are long over. Today's medical billing process has become a complicated and high tech ordeal, that it has even spawned a new career path just to keep up with the demands. The job of a medical administrative assistant entails paying office bills while ensuring that insurance companies keep their word in paying their portion of the medical bill costs. If you're looking for a career where you can enjoy the tasks of handling money and up keeping financial books, then a job as a medical administrative assistant is what you desire.

In fact, the job of a medical administrative assistant entails more than just handing the bills. Medical administrative assistants are also responsible for keeping the medical office running as smoothly as possible. Medical administrative assistants are responsible for such tasks as handling patient inquiries and records, answering phones, and ordering supplies for the office. They are also responsible in assisting physicians with such tasks as taking down dictation, writing reports, and preparing doctor presentations. These important tasks in running a doctor's office will offer anyone entering this career field much needed job security. The job of a medical administrative assistant is so important, that without them maintaining these tasks, doctor's offices would ultimately go bankrupt, be sued, or even be forced to shut down.

If you happen to be interested in the career field as a medical administrative assistant, be sure to at least hold a high school diploma. In fact, many offices may even require that you obtain an associates degree of some sort. It is more likely that even people wanting to work in any kind of office work will also need an associates degree. Luckily, many community college campuses happen to offer separate degrees for a diploma as a medical administrative assistant. While training for your degree as a medical administrative assistant, you will learn to not only handle medical charts, but properly handle patients as well. Your training will also include the most important aspect of how to appropriately deal with insurance companies through following appropriate billing report procedures. When it comes to being a medical administrative assistant you must not only be personable but also have a kind attitude towards clients and patients. because of the potential in dealing with irritated and grumpy patients, it is also a good idea to have a great deal of patience.

You will find that medical administrative assistants work in a variety of settings of doctor's offices. The many different settings include general practitioner's offices, dental offices, chiropractor's offices, and even hospital and out patient facilities. In fact, medical administrative assistants are so essential, they can be found wherever health care is provided. But be mindful that you find the office setting you will enjoy working at the most. You will find that if you enjoy your work environment, you will not only be the best employee you can be, but you will also perform your job at your best.

When it comes to a medical administrative assistant's pay scale, you will be happy to find that it is well above minimum wage. Even though being a medical administrative assistant doesn't offer the highest pay in this career field, you will however, be able to live comfortably with the salary you could earn. You may also find that your salary may actually improve by being employed with a company with room to grow. Of course, if you wish to earn a higher starting wage, then the option of obtaining a bachelors degree as a medical administrative assistant will provide you more opportunity than just obtaining an associates degree.

If you are a person yearning to make a difference, but are unable to handle the high demanding medical aspects in the medical field, then choosing a career as a medical administrative assistant is perhaps the perfect career choice for you.

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