Medical Administrative Assistant as a Career

One often overlooked aspect of the medical field is the job of billing. In the old days, a doctor's office typically needed only one secretary to handle everything, but those days are over. A new career was created in order to keep up with the demand of the now complicated and high tech billing process. Medical administrative assistants are the ones tasked with making sure you pay your bills, along with ensuring that the insurance companies also keep up with their end of the bills. The medical administrative assistant position may be the ideal job for you, if you enjoy handling money and financial books.

However, medical administrative assistants also do more than just handle billing. Medical administrative assistants are also responsible for helping to keep the office running. They typically handle the ordering of supplies, answering the telephones, handling inquiries from patients, along with maintaining patient records. They also assist the physicians by writing reports, taking dictations and preparing presentations. Anyone entering this important career field can be ensured of job security well into the future. Without medical administrative assistants, the office could not be maintained properly and would ultimately be forced to shut down due to bankruptcy or law suits.

Those that are interested in such a career path must possess at least a high school diploma. Some offices might also require that you have an associate's degree as well. Of course, having an associates degree related to office work can only improve things. Many community colleges these days offer a degree in medical administration as well. You will learn how to properly handle patients and medical charts during your training. However, one of the most important parts of training will be learning the appropriate procedures for filling billing reports and dealing with insurance companies. Of course, you must also be friendly and kind towards other people, as you will have to deal with patients every day. Patience is another key requirement as well, as many patients can be grumpy, irritated, or even in pain.

Medical administrative assistants are needed for a wide variety of office settings. Outpatient facilities, chiropractors offices, hospitals, general practitioner's offices and even dental offices need administrative assistants. The job of medical administrative assistant is essential to every type of health care. Because of this wide range of available practices, it is key that you find a setting that you will enjoy the most. If you enjoy the type of work going on around you, the quality of your work will be reflected in that.

Another bonus to becoming a medical administrative assistant is the pay scale, which is typically well above minimum wage. It, however, is not one of the highest paying jobs in the industry, but you will still be able to live comfortably with the medical assistant salary available. After some time, it may also be possible to move up the ladder towards a better salary as well. You can also go back to school and get your bachelor's degree so you will be able to get a much higher starting pay than applicants that only have an associates degree.

If you are looking for a career that will allow you to make a difference in the medical field, but you aren't comfortable with the actual medical part of the business, going to work as a medical assistant just might be the perfect job for you.